Anyone that knows me knows my passion for Africa, especially those lost and now I give thanks to God that we will be returning to Swaziland to start a new Manna project. The main thrust of the work is to reach the lost, equip them so they can tell their neighbor and countrymen the Good News of salvation through the blood of our loving Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. To stay with them long enough to bring them to maturity without enabling them and then to go find new "men and women of peace" and start sowing seed all over again. The goal is to disciple people to GO and disciple people to Go and disciple people and so on. Churches planting churches, not limiting God by our lack of faith and limited vision but to dream "God Possible".

We go in to start the work September 13th, 2011. Please keep us in your prayers.
-Pray for "the men of peace" (Luke 10) that God is preparing before we even get there.
-Pray that we have courage no matter what the circumstances and that God give us wisdom and all we need to be faithful men and women in the harvest fields.
-Pray that we will not grow weary and that when our Lord returns He will be able to say "Well done, good and faithful servants".
-Pray for the people of Swaziland that many will come to be set free from sin.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeding the Little Ones

World Vision's donation has run dry and the feeding program hasn't had any food for 2 weeks.  Brian has purchased 4 large bags of mealy meal, 1 large bag of beans, 8 large bottles of oil, sugar and salt.  He was not able to get all that was needed on the list of things for his $250, but hopes that this amount will last for 2 weeks. Thank you for all that you are doing to be Jesus' hands here on earth and specifically to this need of the children in our community.  Pray for the "loaves and fishes" to be multiplied.
Maria has been spending more and more time with the kids and we continue to plant the seed of Jesus' love for them and all of his creation.
Please keep Brian in your prayers as he is not feeling well.  Something that feels like flu and is hoping it doesn't move into his lungs as he struggles with bronchitis.

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  1. We're praying for you Brian and will do our best to continue to pray and to someday being able to support the work you are doing through Manna again financially. In the meantime, we'd like to HOST your 2 favorite women here in CO at some point during their latest travels! HAPPY TRAILS FOR ALL OF YOU!