Anyone that knows me knows my passion for Africa, especially those lost and now I give thanks to God that we will be returning to Swaziland to start a new Manna project. The main thrust of the work is to reach the lost, equip them so they can tell their neighbor and countrymen the Good News of salvation through the blood of our loving Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ. To stay with them long enough to bring them to maturity without enabling them and then to go find new "men and women of peace" and start sowing seed all over again. The goal is to disciple people to GO and disciple people to Go and disciple people and so on. Churches planting churches, not limiting God by our lack of faith and limited vision but to dream "God Possible".

We go in to start the work September 13th, 2011. Please keep us in your prayers.
-Pray for "the men of peace" (Luke 10) that God is preparing before we even get there.
-Pray that we have courage no matter what the circumstances and that God give us wisdom and all we need to be faithful men and women in the harvest fields.
-Pray that we will not grow weary and that when our Lord returns He will be able to say "Well done, good and faithful servants".
-Pray for the people of Swaziland that many will come to be set free from sin.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Letting go and letting God

First: apologies for a lack of posting. An email from a friend asking, "What's new in Swaziland?" Has prompted this update!
Second: the update!
Things are in God's hands here in Swaziland. Has to be or we would be too consumed with things not going according to man's plan.
The property situation is still in debate on the chief's time schedule. In the meantime we have been renting several homes and this last one has us right next door to the property in question but more importantly in the community. Brian continues to speak the Good News to those he comes in contact with. He has been put in situations of serving others in what they do and has had many opportunities to get into some deep talks about belief in God and how that translates into living a life of trusting in Him and that his son saved us. Issues arise where some still see the foreigner as someone to gain something from, but we turn it into what resources have you been blessed with and this is what God has blessed us with the knowledge of and we can show you and you can feed yourself and your family through the work you do. Trying to put into practice the "teach a man to fish..." concept. Our team mates Arlyn and Maria are serving at an orphanage looking after children and doing mantenance of vehicles and such similar to what they were doing while in Haiti and Sean and Nicole have a link on our blog page that is kept very well updated of what they are doing to make contact with people in their community. I've not been good about blogging. It's hard when one isn't doing "projects" to know what impact one has had in sharing Christ. We plant and pray for good soil and have faith in God to bring the harvest. Africa has a long history of ancestral worship and spiritual confusion and only God can bring those walls down. Continue to pray for the people here and that Christ be made known.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Go into All The World

This is a big world, but whether the "going" is in a foreign field, another state, in your community or your family we are to be messengers of Jesus Christ, the Savior.

That is our purpose and prayer. Thanks be to God the team in Swaziland is settling in well. Our outreach in supporting efforts of the local community has been well received. Earlier in the year the support financially and physically given to the neighborhood feeding program was a blessing as the assistance from World Vision was coming to an end. Thank you all for your support and contribution to that need!
The Lord continues to put us in the lives of those who are seeking "something" and who He has prepared to open their hearts to the "One" who they seek. Friendships and relationships are being formed and we hope and pray that people are seeing folks who love Jesus trying to be His hands and feet on earth. 
A group of us meet weekly in study, prayer and encouraging one another to be a light in the journey of our day while we take care of orphans, sharing a garden plot with neighbors, helping a stranger on the side of the road, managing a business, training others in a vocation, volunteering at clinics, relieving other missionaries of minimal tasks to free them to focus on their work, invitations to share in the village churches and whatever plan God has for our lives to give Him the glory and point others to Him by sharing the Gospel.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the MGM Conference this coming weekend.

On a side note please be aware of the address change of sending your financial support to:
Manna Global Ministries
PO Box 9240
Riviera Beach, FL 33419